Preparing to Work with Private Equity as an Operating Partner, Timothy Van Mieghem, a partner at The ProAction Group

If you’ve been in the private equity sector for any length of time, you have probably come across the work or articles of The ProAction Group at some point. Having helped numerous private equity clients do better deals, and operate better companies, that sell for better multiples, they’ve earned a reputation as giving their clients an unfair advantage in dealmaking, operations, and exits.

Today we welcome them to our workshop to share with you how they work with Private Equity, and how you can as well.

And here’s how and when Timothy Van Mieghem, a partner at The ProAction Group, works with PE firms:

  • The ProAction Group helps PE firms win good deals (and avoid bad ones!) through our pre-close Operational Diligence. In short, we answer the question “How much more EBITDA will you earn when you ‘run the company right’?”
  •  They help portfolio company management teams as they transition from an entrepreneurial approach to a scalable, process driven leadership path.
  • They help PE clients maximize the value of portfolio companies through the implementation of operational excellence (Lean Manufacturing, Global Sourcing, Sales and Operations Planning, Inventory Strategy).
  • The ProAction Group primarily works with PE firms that:
    •  Are pushed to bid higher multiples and want to know they can “get it back” through operational improvements before they ink the deal.
    •  Are frustrated because performance at a portfolio company is falling below plan and they are not getting a clear explanation from management.
    •  Are growing tired of the time and energy they have to put into managing a portfolio company. They are damaging a lot of brain cells and not moving the needle.  Lastly, ProAction’s staff are all experienced operators, bringing the methodologies they learned and applied at Toyota, Emerson Electric, Danaher, and other leading companies to the middle market.

Listen to the webinar here.