Client Testimonials

“Above and beyond the competency of The ProAction Group, what set this company apart from other consulting groups for me is that the ProAction team feels like they are your own employees. They dig deep into what you are trying to accomplish and they either stay on site until the job is done, or they circle back to make sure that the opportunities identified and best practices agreed to are fully realized. They are not the swoop in, provide observations and ride out leaving you to figure it out kind of company. You will feel like you have an extended team available before, during and after the engagement to insure your success.

I highly recommend calling The ProAction Group if you have a need to accelerate positive change in your organization. You won’t be sorry you did.”

Tom Bowden, Former President and General ManagerProAmpac

“Having spent 25 years working in our industry, we had become locked into a certain mindset on how the company should be managed. ProAction did an outstanding job of understanding our process and approach, and then helping us think outside the box for better ways to manage the company going forward. This new mindset has helped us as a team, and we will exceed the financial improvement targets identified as part of the process. We are very pleased with the work of ProAction and will readily work with them again in the future.”

Tony Thrash, CEO & Tara Briggs, VP of FinanceProCare EMS

“Our business was growing and we didn’t have the capacity to meet this new found demand. We were experiencing backlogs even when running our lines 24/7. We were doing everything we knew how to do to meet demand and decrease turnover, but nothing was working. We invited The ProAction Group to complete an assessment to determine if they could help increase our capacity and discover improvement opportunities. They helped us to double our capacity, utilize a more traditional work schedule, and to begin the Lean Journey of improvement and sustainability.

As The ProAction Group became more entwined in the organization, they helped us to develop a Sales & Operations Planning process and supplier selection process. The supplier selection process alone, yielded 25% reduction in cost. Because of The ProAction Group’s ability to work with our Management Team, they became a strategic confidant.”

Lynn Girouard, PresidentMorey’s Seafood International LLC

“Simply put, The ProAction Group helped us organize and implement a strategic direction that improved our competitiveness, cut our cost, and improved our quality. And they are nice guys too.”

Vince Gurzo, CEORehrig International, Inc.

“The success of our first project with The ProAction Group exceeded our already high expectations. As a result, we have expanded our relationship. As our organization experiences high growth, we are turning to The ProAction Group to help us manage the operational issues that surround that growth.”

Anonymous, PresidentManufacturer of packaging products for the food industry

“We engaged The ProAction Group to implement significant improvements in our approach to International Distribution, including specific processes. They recognized immediately that the required change directly involved people beyond the distribution function. Their methodology effectively brought together individuals from throughout the organization so that the needs of our business as a whole were identified and addressed. The resulting cross-functional teamwork and communication has created awareness within our organization that will be an on-going foundation of this program, as well as future initiatives.“

Grace Jenkins, Former Director, Marketing and Business Operations, Cellular Infrastructure Group Motorola

“The ProAction Group helped bring our ideas about Supplier Managed Inventory into fruition. We consider this program to be one of our greatest competitive advantages. They successfully convinced our organization, at the highest level of management, of the potential benefits of improving the way we manage this asset. They also formulated and implemented action plans to realize those benefits. The results have been outstanding. Nalco has tremendous respect for The ProAction Group and we continue to utilize their expertise.”

Jim Nowak, Retired Division Vice President, LogisticsNalco Chemical Company

“American Turned Products partnered with the ProAction Group to improve organization culture and provide upper level one-on-one leadership coaching. Their Team of experts helped transform our organization by their hands-on approach. Lean manufacturing, predictive maintenance and employee engagement are some of the key initiatives that reduced waste and improved productivity. Starting with breaking down bad habits and going back to basics, they helped our team build a foundation that is the strength of our organization today.”

Harry Eighmy, Chief Operating OfficerAmerican Turned Products, Erie Pa.

“We had to complete two complex plant consolidations.  With ProAction’s help, we now have two World Class facilities, with better flow of materials, and optimized machinery layout.  We ship more revenue per month than we ever have before in the old plants.  I strongly recommend the services of The ProAction Group, and I am looking forward to working with them again on future projects. I would like to give special thanks to Doug, Mark, Skip, and Perry for all of their hard work, extra effort and support to ensure our projects were a success. Thank you.”

Joe Henry, Vice President of OperationsReel Power International

Ikan is a fast growing business that designs and manufactures camera accessories for the professional cinema and broadcast industry. We have worked with The ProAction Group on multiple projects to improve our internal operations and global supply chain. In our most recent project, we engaged them to perform an in-depth review and analysis of our supply chain in China. The ProAction Group has extensive knowledge of manufacturing and sourcing in China. They have an experienced team stationed there. The scope of this project was very encompassing. They traveled to our office in Houston for strategy discussions, performed onsite visits to our Chinese suppliers to gauge their efficiency, and performed Should Cost Analysis on several of our high volume components.

Above and beyond the tremendous amount of resources at their disposal, the most important factor to their success is their commitment to understanding us and tailoring unique solutions to meet our unique needs. Doug and Frank worked very close with our entire product team. They built a great deal of understanding, trust and rapport with everyone involved. The supplier reviews, Should Cost Analysis, and proposed strategic plans combined were invaluable tools and have already led to significant improvements in efficiency and reductions in cost.

James Tian, CEOIkan International LLC