Companies Committed to Improving

Private Equity

About 80% of The ProAction Group’s business is with operationally-oriented private equity firms.  We typically start by providing operating diligence, then serve as a resource to portfolio company management.

Corporate Clients

About 20% of our business is with corporate clients who are committed to building long term value in their businesses by employing top management practices.

We also often make helpful introductions for our corporate clients who are interested in finding the right PE partner or exploring capital opportunities.

Industry Sectors

  • Consumer products
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Business services

Other Things to Note

We focus on the middle market.  We add the most value here, due to our unique ability to apply leading management practices to mid-market companies.

We do our best work helping well-run companies reach new performance levels.  We don’t typically do restructuring and crisis management.

Most of our PE clients have operating partners.  We help leverage their expertise.We create the most value with strong management teams.

We avoid situations where the board is forcing “help” on management, and the management team isn’t really interested in additional resources.

A small portion of our work is helping companies implement fundamentals—the basic “blocking and tackling” operating processes.  We create the most value with companies that have mastered the basics and are seeking new improvement frontiers.

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We are proud to work with following progressive Private Equity firms that are committed to improving the performance of their portfolio companies by creating positive alpha.

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