Are we Deal Killers or Deal Enablers? Our Role as Consultants for Operational Efficiency in Buy-Side Deals

In private equity, successful acquisitions are not just about the numbers; they hinge on a thorough understanding of the inner workings of a target company. Operational consultants play a crucial role on the buy-side, providing operational diligence to private equity firms seeking to make informed investment decisions. At a recent networking event, a question arose: Are operational consultants like The ProAction Group deal killers or deal enablers? Let’s explore the impact of operational diligence on the delicate relationship between the seller and the buyer.

Understanding the Dual Role:

We are neither deal killers nor deal enablers in a simplistic sense. Instead, our consulting role is to uncover the intricacies of a company’s operations, highlighting both its strengths and challenges. This dual approach ensures a comprehensive evaluation, allowing private equity firms to make well-informed decisions that go beyond the surface-level due diligence.

Building Relationships:

One key aspect of our consulting role is to establish a strong rapport with the seller. By acknowledging the complexities and obstacles in the operational landscape, we connect with the seller by understanding the value they provide in meeting customer demand. We strive to demonstrate empathy and understanding. This builds a foundation of trust and openness, fostering a positive relationship between the seller and the buyer.

Recognizing Strengths and Challenges:

As operational consultants we don’t just focus on problems; we also celebrate the strengths of the seller and their management team. By acknowledging areas of strong commitment, effective processes, and impressive results, we seek to create a balanced perspective. Moreover, calling out the unique challenges the company faces demonstrates a deep understanding of the seller’s world.

Maintaining Discretion:

A crucial aspect of operational diligence is discretion. We refrain from discussing improvement opportunities with the seller, leaving the decision to share such insights to the buyer, typically post-closure. This approach ensures that the buyer retains control over when, how, and if they choose to communicate potential enhancements to the seller.

When we fulfill our role effectively, the buyer gains several advantages:

  • Meaningful Connection with Leadership: A thorough operational understanding provides the buyer with a significant advantage in connecting with the leadership team on a deeper, more meaningful level.
  • Clarity on Risks and Capex: We offer clarity on stability, potential risks, and the capital expenditures required to mitigate them. Armed with this information, the buyer can make informed decisions, potentially seeking relief from the seller during final negotiations.
  • Uncovering Hidden Value: We document opportunities for unlocking hidden value. This clarity aids the buyer during final negotiations, and managing concessions requested by the seller, fostering a mutually beneficial deal.

As consultants for operational efficiency we are integral to the success of private equity buy-side deals. Our nuanced approach, balancing recognition of strengths and challenges, builds trust and facilitates open communication between the buyer and the seller. We rely on our experience to provide a broader understanding of a company’s operations, empowering private equity firms to make strategic decisions that go beyond mere financial considerations, ultimately contributing to successful and mutually beneficial transactions.

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