Client Feedback

We frequently receive unsolicited feedback from client personnel – here is a sampling of those comments.

Doug and Ken – I’d like you to know how wonderful it’s been working with you and Ken for the last year and a half. You are amazing professionals who have done a lot for our organization.

I hope the two of you keep in touch with us and I wish you great happiness in your future endeavors. Please reach out if you ever need anything on our end.

-Barbara N.

Perry –  You will never know how much of a positive impact you have had since you have come here.  You helped us collect data and then you used it to help us IMPROVE our operations.  The people trust you and go to you for assistance.  You aren’t like the other consultants I have worked with – you actually get things done vs. study and collect data.  We are going to miss you and wish you could stay here longer.

-Shane B.

Doug – I really appreciated your guidance and mentoring from you for my role as the Sales & Operations Planning. I learned so much from you and I hope to utilize it in my future career.

-Clara A.

Doug – I wanted to take a moment to reach out and express how grateful I am to have you and your team supporting our organization and me personally.

Kindness, professionalism, and true concern permeates from all levels within your team. I feel you and your team genuinely care about our company and all of our associates.

I feel completely blessed to have you as a direct mentor and to have Ken as an on-site facilitator and personal resource. On top of that we’ve had the luxury of having Mark’s amazing VSM skill set and approach, accompanied by his awesome people skills. Brian has also been genuinely kind and easy to work with.

We couldn’t have asked for a better organization to align ourselves with as we begin our journey down the lean highway.

Thank you for being you and for surrounding us with such an amazing team!”

-Chuck L.

Jay – We really appreciated your assistance. Your interaction was very good and the facilities responded to your guidance. Much needed help with everything going on. Thank you!

-Chris B.

Mike – Thanks so much for your leadership and your day-to-day management of the facility – it’s made a real difference and we could not have done it without you.

-Bill B.

ProAction team,
I had an absolute GREAT time working with all of you. You all opened my eyes to a different way of looking at things. To say it simply, I learned a lot!

-Matt D.

Thanks Sheila… you and your team did a great job this week. Particularly working with our groups that are very busy and can be overwhelmed at times. Looking forward to the next steps!

-Mark N.