The Pro Action Group Team Bios

Carolyn Henson

Carolyn Henson, Director, Operations, is an accomplished professional focusing on standard of work documentation, value stream mapping, and conducting inventory and operational analysis for clients. She has experience conducting and analyzing benchmark reports and guiding companies through the request for proposal process.

Carolyn has worked closely with several companies in the health and medical industry and other sectors streamlining and documenting the procedures necessary to complete day-to-day work. Her detailed and organized approach to documenting standard work has helped streamline processes of billing, customer service, shipping, maintenance, and other departments. These clients have seen an increase in efficiencies, a decrease in errors, and possess detailed training materials.

Her role in value stream mapping events has allowed companies to better understand their processes, visualize their goals, and create detailed plans towards a tangible future state. These events have resulted in clients reducing their non-value added time and increasing productivity on the floor and in the office. Carolyn’s attention to detail and ability to dissect data has been instrumental when conducting inventory and customer segmentations.

Carolyn has a BS in Communication Studies with Magna Cum Laude honors from Illinois State University. She is certified in Business and Administrative Communication and Human Resource Management.