Value-creation in Middle Market Private Equity – Of Corporate Culture and Capitalism

John Lanier is a close alliance partner for ProAction and a good friend.  He is a value creation guru and has an unmatched expertise in business strategy. 

He recently wrote a great piece regarding Corporate Culture and Capitalism. In it, he addresses analysis paralysis within organizations and the ever-ticking value-creation clock. It’s a wonderful read, and I encourage you to take the time to read the piece in its entirety. Also, be sure to follow the link below to the Middle Market Methods website to learn more about their business. 

Middle Market Methods™

Download (PDF, 112KB)

Corporate culture may be singularly the most potent ingredient of value-creation.

Middle Market Methods™ offers a toolbox of cultural, growth, and efficiency value-creating solutions to portfolio companies of private equity firms. The premise is that best practice adoption correlates with a smoother ride during the investment hold period, resulting in higher exit multiples. Additionally, deal team time is liberated from operational surprises to invest in new transactions.

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