Tim Van Mieghem Podcast Speaker: The ERP Organization Change Journal, Episode 13 – The Value of Business Intelligence Part 1

We all know too many horror stories of ERP systems gone wrong.  More rampant, however, are ERP systems that simply provide a fraction of their potential value.  They way the company uses the system, it does the basics.  But the company has essentially found a way to convert gold into iron…  Jack and his team present ideas to actually get the value your ERP systems can provide. 

Podcast: The ERP Organization Change Journal – Episode 13, Part 1

Listen to Nestell Associates’, The ERP Organization Change Journal Podcast Episode 13. https://lnkd.in/e-yPeYR

In Episode 13, The Value of Business Intelligence: Understanding and Measuring Operational Issues – Part One, we will explore and discuss some key business intelligence concepts including data-driven decision making, systems audit, process-driven leadership, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and innovatively incorporating technology.  

Nestell Associates Podcast Homepage: https://nestellassociates.com/podcast-home/

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