The Pro Action Group Team Bios

Steve Smith

Steve has over 30+ years of experience in supply chain management, including logistics, transportation, inventory management, procurement, warehousing, production planning and S&OP. His expertise has enabled organizations to significantly reduce cost and complexity within their business. He has worked with leading companies in the health care/pharmaceutical, consumer products, food processing/distribution, printing/publishing, chemical/agribusiness, building materials and high technology industries.

Prior to working with The ProAction Group, Steve began his career at W.W. Grainger and then was the Director of Logistics for Wrigley.  Since that time, Steve has used his expertise to help businesses improve their supply chain functions.  Most recently, he led a cross-functional team of an $8 billion global manufacturer and distributor of health care product and supplies to procure and implement an enterprise-wide commercial transportation management and private fleet route planning/tracking system. The project enabled a 200% growth in the fleet capacity and a reduction in private fleet operating cost by 11%+ annually. His work with a $500 million global manufacturer and distributor of audio equipment and electronic sound systems led to a 40% reduction in headcount, 70% reduction in supply base, and 18% annual savings in supply-related cost goods and inventory.

While working with a $10 billion global manufacturer and distributor of branded and generic pharmaceutical products, Steve modeled cost/service trade-off’s where the client could gain a detailed financial and operating network profiles by changing supply sources, the number, size (throughput capacity) and location of its distribution centers. Steve’s model was implemented over a period of two-years and resulted in 30% fewer distribution centers to serve the North American market, a combined savings of $6MM annually, in the form of reduced transportation, warehousing and inventory carrying costs, and fill rates and customer lead times were also vastly improved over the previous network.

Steve has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from University of Wisconsin-Madison and post-graduate credits in Information Technology from DePaul University.