The Pro Action Group Team Bios

Perry Hall

Perry has more than twenty-five years’ experience in lean manufacturing working with clients and their endeavors to implement Lean Manufacturing. He has 12 years of Lean experience from Toyota Manufacturing in Georgetown, Kentucky, managing production operations in the body weld department. He has developed extensive training materials and delivered the materials on the production floor through consulting and coaching companies such as SME, Caterpillar, GM Power train, Ford, Dana/Spicer Axel, Siegel – Robert, Intuitive Surgical, Nike, Harley-Davidson, Bose, Turner Power Systems, and the U.S. Air Force.

Prior to joining The ProAction Group, Perry became a program manager focusing on the Ford Production System, working with Ford Power train Lima Ohio and Cleveland Engine and the Shingo Prize effort. He was also a lean engineer for GM Power train, responsible for implementing lean in the 22 North America power train plants.

Perry is also a contributing author in Lean Manufacturing: A Plant Floor Guide published by SME.