The Pro Action Group Team Bios

Kevin Hofert

Kevin Hofert, Vice President, Business Development and Sales Management, has over 28 years of business management, engineering, and leadership experience. He has a proven background in operations management, design engineering, training teams, and overall P&L leadership. Kevin has evaluated and corrected issues in troubled business areas such as operations, margin erosion, estimating effectiveness, staff turn-over, and warranty expense.  Kevin provides a unique perspective that comes from his operating experience, leadership roles, engineering mindset and the combination of a law degree and MBA.

Prior to joining The ProAction Group, Kevin was CEO for a sign manufacturer. He established performance metrics, revenue projections, operational improvements, and identified and integrated add-on business acquisitions. He collaborated with ownership and financial institutions to expand operations to 2 additional states, taking the business from $29M in 2016 to $56M in 2019. As Vice-President, Sales Support & Corporate Counsel, Kevin retooled the Estimating Department, achieving improved estimate accuracy while dramatically reducing turn-around. He successfully managed processes and performance of the Account Management Team through approximately 100% revenue growth over a roughly 3 year span. Kevin has developed production/project schedules, assessed compliance to specific project financial requirements, as well as coordinated designs of custom products for major accounts while supplying legal advice in key areas.

Earlier in his career, Kevin was the VP of Engineering, a Chief Engineer, and construction field manager.

Kevin has a MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management, BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Michigan, and Juris Doctor from the University of Illinois-Chicago Law School.