Our Core Values


    • Do the right thing
    • Do what we say
    • Do it well, thoughtfully


    • A Real Fire in the Belly
    • For Continuous Improvement
    • For Excellence
    • A Bias for Action

Help First

    • Provide value before we get value
    • Givers not Takers

Humbly Confident

    • Listen first, then listen again
    • Competent, Not Arrogant

Our Values Applied to Due Diligence

  • Accurately identify and communicate the right recommendations for the company (this speaks to our competence, experience, education, diligence/ assessment processes and integrity)
  • Help the client come to understand and embrace the right recommendations to realize their vision (this speaks to our effective quantification of opportunities, persuasiveness and demeanor with the management team)
  • Lay the foundation to enact the change / improvement and actually help the management team realize and sustain the future vision (this speaks to our change management techniques, aggressive and designed implementation approach and execution, graciousness, relationship development)

Note:  These are listed in priority order