We are always looking for top talent.  Please contact us if you:

  • Have business smarts, and enjoy working with other motivated, talented professionals in a challenging and rewarding environment.
  • Have a passion for one of our core areas of expertise. Love to work hard to accomplish large objectives.
  • Are willing to sublimate personal accolades to client, team and company success


Roles Requirements
Business Development Executive
  • 10+ years business development experience in a similar environment
  • Proven ability to generate new business
  • Ability to manage board and CEO level account relationships
  • Solid business acumen and intellect
  • Understanding of private equity and ProAction’s core service areas
  • Ability to work collaboratively with our Service Delivery team
Project Leader
  • Ability to structure and lead high impact business improvement projects
  • Deep expertise in one or more of our functional Capability Areas
Operating Expert
  • Industry operating experience at one or more companies that use leading management practices
  • Particular depth in at least one core functional capability
  • Ability to apply these practices in a hands-on manner in middle market companies
Executive Network
  • Experience relevant to The ProAction Group’s values and capabilities

Contact information: