Do you have FOMT? (Fear of Missing Targets?)

It’s already May and we’re halfway through second quarter…almost half the year is over.

How is it going? 

Will you hit your EBITDA goals? Your growth goals?

If you are a PE firm considering an exit, will you hit the multiple you want?

Fear of Missing Targets (FOMT) is real, but here’s the good news – it doesn’t have to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. There’s still time to affect your demonstrated results…heck, even your third quarter results, and The ProAction Group can help!

And the news gets better — we often discover that with a few tweaks, we can have a massive impact on EBITDA and valuation.  However, the time to act is now!  We can assist by:

  • Identifying operational opportunities that will increase EBITDA, capacity, and performance.  Incremental improvements that add up to big results.  Many of these improvements show up in EBITDA within 8 weeks.  Some take 3-6 months.
  • Performing the “Home Inspection” before the buyers do.  We will identify the issues and risks an informed buyer will integrate into their decision on how much to invest.  Then we can fix the issue before it even comes up.
  • Providing your team with the bandwidth they need to realize the investment thesis

No one wants to be the person that didn’t act soon enough to achieve the targets, nor is it healthy to experience sleepless nights trying to wrap your arms around what to do differently. 

The ProAction Group comes with the people, process, and tools to get the job done.  We’ll help you hit the targets, generate the value, and achieve your investment thesis.  Let us help.

To learn more, contact us today.